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Free Papers, Ideas and Templates

Free Papers, Ideas and Templates

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1 Bookazine Treble Panel Template

1. Mag15 Squeeze card Template

10 Bookazine Art Deco treble stepper template

11 Bookazine folded aperture card template

12 Bookazine large square easel card template

1920's Sqaure Quickcard

2 Bookazine twisted easel template

2. Mag15 Double Easel with a Twist Template

2014 Mini Calendar

3 Bookazine large shaped card back template

3. Mag15 Swing Card Template

4 Bookazine large shaped card front template

4. Mag15 Treble Stepper Template

5 Bookazine zig zag template

5. Mag15 Treasure Box Template

6 Bookazine treble stepper

6. Mag15 Waterfall Card Template

7 Bookazine story book template

8 Bookazine circle card template

9 Bookazine shutter card template

A4 Box

A5 Box

A5 Single Stepper

A6 Envelope

A6 Single Stepper

Acetate Box

Angels Of Inspiration

Arched X Card Template

Art Deco Bookazine Sheet

Art Deco Christmas Givaway Sheet 8

Art Deco Stepper Template

August Project of The Month

Bags Boxes & More Template 1

Bags Boxes & More Template 10

Bags Boxes & More Template 11

Bags Boxes & More Template 12

Bags Boxes & More Template 13

Bags Boxes & More Template 14

Bags Boxes & More Template 15

Bags Boxes & More Template 16

Bags Boxes & More Template 17

Bags Boxes & More Template 18

Bags Boxes & More Template 19

Bags Boxes & More Template 2

Bags Boxes & More Template 20

Bags Boxes & More Template 21

Bags Boxes & More Template 22

Bags Boxes & More Template 23

Bags Boxes & More Template 24

Bags Boxes & More Template 25

Bags Boxes & More Template 26

Bags Boxes & More Template 27

Bags Boxes & More Template 28

Bags Boxes & More Template 29

Bags Boxes & More Template 3

Bags Boxes & More Template 30

Bags Boxes & More Template 31

Bags Boxes & More Template 32

Bags Boxes & More Template 33

Bags Boxes & More Template 34

Bags Boxes & More Template 35

Bags Boxes & More Template 36

Bags Boxes & More Template 37

Bags Boxes & More Template 38

Bags Boxes & More Template 39

Bags Boxes & More Template 4

Bags Boxes & More Template 40

Bags Boxes & More Template 5

Bags Boxes & More Template 6

Bags Boxes & More Template 7

Bags Boxes & More Template 8

Bags Boxes & More Template 9

Bobbin Christmas Decoupage 1

Bobbin Christmas Paper 1

Bobbin Christmas Paper 2

Bobbin Christmas Paper 3

Bobbin Christmas Pimage 1

Bobbin Christmas Sheet 1

Bobbin Christmas Sheet 2

Bobbin Christmas Sheet 3

Bobbin Christmas Tag 1

Bobbin Christmas Topper 1

Bobbin Envelope

Bobbin Large Box 1b

Bobbin Paper

Bobbin Paper 1

Bobbin Paper 2

Bobbin Sheet 1

Bookazine Special Edition Notelet Template

Bookazine Special Notelet Template

Bookazine Special Recipi Template

BookFolding Step by Step

Botanical Paper 1

Botanical Paper2

Botanical Sheet 1

Bracelet/Necklace Box Template

Buntin 1

Buntin 2

Card Storage Holder

Cards For Men Golf Card

Christmas Elegance Design Sheet

Christmas Elegance Paper 1

Christmas Elegance Sheet 1

Christmas Fashion Divas Paper 1

Christmas Fashion Divas Sheet 1

Christmas Scene Pyramid Magic

Christmas Tree Decoupage 1

Christmas Tree Decoupage Part 2

Christmas Tree Decoupage Part 3

Circle Swing Card

Cracker Template for Craft Club

Craftroom 12 Days Design Sheet 1

Craftroom 12 Days Design Sheet 2

Craftroom 12 Days Design Sheet 3

Craftroom 12 Days Paper 3

Craftroom 12 Days Topper Sheet

Craftroom Design Sheet 2

Cup Handle

Curved Arched Card Template

Curvy Stepper Template

Dats Of Knights Acetate Frontbase Template

Days Of Knights Accoridian

Days Of Knights Hidden Tag Template 1a

Days Of Knights Hidden Tag Template 1b

Days Of Knights Large Quickcard 6

Days Of Knights Octagon Stepper Template

Days Of Knights Scallop Rocker

Days Of Knights T A3 Middle Stepper

Days Of Knights T Christmas Cracker

Days Of Knights T Envelope Card

Days Of Knights T Flowerburst Stepper 1

Days Of Knights T Flowerburst Stepper 2

Days Of Knights T Shield

Days Of Knights T Stepper Card

Diamond Top Card

Diary Inner Pages

Easel Draw Template

Easel Drawer Design Sheet

Easel Drawer Instructions

Easel Drawer Paper

Easel Drawer Template

Easel Drawer Template

Easel Instructions

Egg Template

Embossing Blanks and How to Use them.

Enchanted Garden Shaped Card Template

Exploding Gatefold Card

Exploding Handbag insert template

Fairies Decoupge 1

Fairy House Door Template

Fairy Template T.01 Base

Fairy Template T.06 Large Circle Card 1

Fairy Template T.06 Large Circle Card 2

Fairy Template T.09 Sunflower Window Template

Fairy Template T.10 Temple Card

Fairy Template T04 Trebble Stepper

Fashion Divas Black Inner Page

Fashion Divas Mini Calendar

Fire Goddess Pop Up Card Template

Fiskars Oval 12 Days Of Christmas

Fiskars Winter Fun Frame

Flower Petal Template

Flowerburst Stepper New York decoupage

Flowerburst Stepper New York Paper

Flowerburst Stepper template

Fold Over Card

Folder Template

Front Stepper Template

Goalpost Middle Stepper

Grotto Card Guide

Haberdashery Paper 1

Haberdashery Paper 2

Haberdashery Paper 3

How to make a Candle

How to make a Candle

How to print off One Image from our CD's

Instructions & Guide for Victorian Christmas Pop-Ups

Jewellery Box Template

Jewellery Box Template

Jewellery Box Template

Knitting Gracie Juey

Large Box Template

Large Box Templates

Large Inner Middle Stepper

Large Middle Stepper Template

Mag 6 Cup Cake Holder

Mag 6 Recipe Box

Mag 6 Recipe Box Template

Magical Christmas Decoupage 1

Magical Christmas Decoupage 2

Magical Christmas Paper 1

Magical Christmas Paper 2

Magical Christmas Paper 3

Magical Christmas Sheet 1

Magical Christmas Sheet 2

Magical Christmas Sheet 3

Magical Christmas Topper 1

Magical Christmas Topper 2

Middle Stepper Template

Middle Stepper Template

Mini Bag Instructions

Mini Bag Template

Mini Scene Card Box

Mini Scene Card Template

My Fair Lady Envelope 1

My Fair Lady Envelope 2

Night at the Theatre Design Sheet 16

Octogon Trifold Template

Office File Template

Old Venice Design Sheet 1

Old Venice Design Sheet 2

Old Venice Design Sheet 3

Old Venice Design Sheet 4

Old Venice Design Sheet 5

Old Venice Design Sheet 6

Old Venice Paper 1

Old Venice Paper 2

Old Venice Paper 3

Old Venice Paper 4

Old Venice Paper 5

Old Venice Paper 6

Old Venice Paper 7

Panel Card

Paper Delights Paper 1

Paper Delights Tag Sheet

Paris Centre Step Template

Paris Design Sheet 1

Paris Heart Paper

Paris paper 1

Paris Steps Front

Paris Steps Inside back

Paris Tri Stepper Template

pdfs from CD not opening

Penguin Pals Decoupage 1

Penguin Pals Decoupage 2

Penguin Pals Paper 1

Penguin Pals Paper 2

Penguin Pals Paper 3

Penguin Pals Paper 4

Penguin Pals Paper 5

Penguin Pals Paper 6

Penguin Pals Sheet 1

Penguin Pals Sheet 2

Penguin Pals Sheet 3

Penguin Pals Sheet 4

Penguin Pals Sheet 5

Penguin Pals Sheet 6

Penguin Pals Tag 1

Penguin Pals Tag 2

Pillow Box

Plate Stand

Pop Up Guide

Project of Month Aug2011 Frames

Project of month aug2011 paper1

Project of month aug2011 paper2

Project of month aug2011 pyramid magic1

Project of monthaug2011 pyramid magic2

Project Of The Month Dec Paper 1

Project Of The Month Dec Paper2

Project Of The Month Dec Sheet 1

Project Of The Month Dec Sheet 2

Red Poinsettia Paper

Regency Christmas Paper 3

Regency Christmas Paper 4

Regency Christmas Paper 5

Regency Christmas Paper 6

Regency Christmas Paper 7

Regency Christmas Paper 8

Regency Christmas Sheet 1

Regency Christmas Sheet 2

Regency Christmas Sheet 3

Regency Christmas Sheet 4

Regency Christmas Sheet 5

Regency Christmas Sheet 6

Regency Christmas Sheet 7

Regency Christmas Sheet 8

Regency Paper 1

Regency Paper 1

Regency Paper 2

Regency Paper 2

Regency Paper 3

Regency Sheet 1

Regency Sheet 2

Regency Sheet 3

Rocker Card template

Rome Paper 1

Rome Paper 2

Rome Paper 3

Rome Quickcard 1

Rudolph Paper 1

Rudolph Paper 2

Rudolph Sheet 1

Rudolph Sheet 2

Scene Card Template

Shabby Chic Angel

Shabby Chic Mechanical Deisgn Sheet 11

Shabby Chic Mechanical Deisgn Sheet 12

Shabby Chic Mechanical Deisgn Sheet 13

Shabby Chic Mechanical Deisgn Sheet 14

Shabby Chic Mechanical Deisgn Sheet 15

Shabby Chic Wedding Paper 1

Shabby Chic Wedding Paper 2

Shabby Chic Wedding Sheet 1

Shabby Chic Wedding Sheet 2

Shaped Card

Shaped Card Template Magazine34

Shutter Card

Side Stepper Card Template

Slider Pop up Card Template

Snowglobes & Mini Easel Cards instructions

Snowglobes & Mini Easel Cards instructions

Spinner Star Card Template

Square Envelope

Square Shutter Card Template

Square Triangle Template

Square Triangle template

Staircase Card

SteamPunk Paper 1

SteamPunk Sheet 1

SteamPunk Tag Sheet

Step by step Grotto Card Instructions

Story Card

Story Card Box

Swan Sheet

Swing Card

T Double Front Stepper

Table Centre Piece paper 1

Table Centre Piece paper 2

Table Centre Piece Step by Step

Template for Spinning Card

Tissue Box Template

Trebble Stepper Template

Treble front stepper template


Unicorn Handbag Card

Unicorn Handbag Insert

Venetian side stepper template

Victorian Christmas Quickcard 1

Victorian Christmas Quickcard 2

Victorian Christmas Quickcard 3

Victorian Christmas Quickcard 4

Victorian Christmas Quickcard 5

Victorian Christmas Quickcard 6

Vinatge Travel Box 6b

Vintage Bears Diamond Top Card

Vintage Bears DL Stepper

Vintage Bears Flower Card

Vintage Bears Shutter Card

Vintage Travel Box 6a

Wine Bag Instructions

Winter Fun Decoupage 1

Winter Fun Decoupage 2

Winter Fun Paper 1

Winter Fun Paper 1

Winter Fun Paper 2

Winter Fun Paper 2

Winter Fun Paper 3

Winter Fun Pimage 1

Winter Fun Pimage 2

Winter Fun Sheet 1

Winter Fun Sheet 1

Winter Fun Sheet 10

Winter Fun Sheet 2

Winter Fun Sheet 2

Winter Fun Sheet 3

Winter Fun Sheet 4

Winter Fun Sheet 5

Winter Fun Sheet 6

Winter Fun Sheet 7

Winter Fun Sheet 8

Winter Fun Sheet 9

Winter Moments Paper 1

Winter Moments Paper 2

Winter Moments Paper 3

Winter Moments Sheet 1

Winter Moments Sheet 2

Winter Moments Sheet 3

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