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Free Papers, Ideas and Templates

Free Papers, Ideas and Templates

How to use our CDs with a Silhouette Cutting machine.

  1. Choose an image that hasn’t got a background on it such as one of the decoupage, pyramid magic or character pages. Using the “Snapshot Tool” take a snapshot of the area you wish to cut.
  2. Open Paint or any other Graphics program that you have on your computer. Paste your image into the program. Save it as a JPEG in a folder on your computer giving it an easy to remember name and description. The Silhouette studio can cut JPEG files.
  3. Open the Silhouette software on your computer.   Ensure that you are running the most recent version of Silhouette Studio. You need to run version V1.5.0 or higher to cut imported images that are not from the Silhouette store.
  4. Click on the “File” menu, then on “Import”. Choose the files you want to import from your computer and follow the prompts to import them to your Silhouette Library.
  5. Create a new document in the Silhouette Studio. Click on "Open" and choose the file that you want to cut.  You may need to click the "All Files" selection on the Open menu to see all of the file options.
  6. Adjust the image to the size and shape that you want for your project using the prompts on the work screen.
  7. Click on the "Select Trace Area" tool in the Trace dropdown menu.  This tool will allow you to pinpoint the area you want to cut in the image.  Draw a box around the part of the image that you wish to cut.
  8. Adjust the trace settings using the Trace menu.  For example, selecting High Pass Filter creates a border outline around your image.
  9. Click on the "Apply Trace Method" dropdown box and then click "Trace" to create the cutting lines for your project.
  10. Load your cutting mat and “Send to Silhouette” then follow the instructions from your manual for cutting.

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