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Candle Project

Here you can learn how to make a candle with any image you choose on the front of it.

Candle Project


Plain Candle
Tissue Paper
Baking Parchment/Grease Proof Paper


Cellotape/Masking Tape
Printable Tissue Paper
Heal Tool
Backing Parchment

What You Need to Do

1.       Print off your chosen image onto paper to check the size is right. 

2.       Using tissue paper, cover the area of the printed image. 

3.       Tape the edges with masking tape or cellotape. 

4.       Ensure that the tissue paper is stretched over the printed image. Then put the paper back through your printer to reprint the image in the same spot.

5.       Cut around the printed image leaving a small white edges all around. 

6.       Position the image onto the candle. 

7.       Cut a strip of baking parchment long enough to wrap over the image, around the candle and for you to hold at the back. 

8.       Ensure that you hold the paper tight. 

9.       Using a heat tool, heat over the image. You will see the colour come through the baking parchment as you move across the image.

10.   Gently peel away the parchment. 

Top Tip: If you wish to see step by step photo instructions see the Free Download How to Make a Candle.

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