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Oh I do like to Be Beside the Seaside!

Spring into Summer with this lovely beach themed card project!

Oh I do like to Be Beside the Seaside!


2 x White A4 Card Blank
Backing Papers
Design Sheet


What You Need to Do

  1. Measure across the long edge of one of the A4 cards to 21cm and cut down the card at this point. Measure across the other piece and put a mark at 21cm and 24cm. Score down the card at the 21cm mark and cut down the 24cm. This will create a small tab. Wrap the tap around the other piece of card and attach using double sided tape or glue. This will make a large square card blank. 

  2. Cut a piece of backing paper 20cm x 20cm and attach to the front of the card. Attach using tape or glue and leaving an even gap around the outside edges. (Put the piece you have cut off to one side for a moment). 

  3. Cut another piece of backing paper 16.5cm x 16.5cm and attach towards the right hand side leaving about 1cm of the paper showing underneath on the right hand side. 

  4. The piece you cut off previously attach down the centre of the card overlapping the other paper as shown. 

  5. From the design sheet, cut out a main topper, ribbon strips and sentiments. Arrange around the card as shown and attach.  

  6. Cut out the bunting and attach across the topper using foam pads or silicone glue. 

  7. Add extra embellishments from the sheet attaching at angles with foam pads or silicone glue. (If using silicone put your work to one side to dry before sending).

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