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How to Use CDs

How to Use CDs

22/09/2016: Microsoft have recently updated their security policies which may affect some users of our CDs.

What may happen is that the CD works fine and you can flick through the various design sheets and papers, but when you click on an icon to open the paper in your pdf reader, nothing happens. If this is the case, please see the document here.


Our CDs use freely available software to run so that you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive graphics packages in order to use them.

The three main things you will need (whether you are on a PC, a Mac or Linux) are the following:

1.) an internet browser (for example, Internet Explorer (any version will do, but normally the latest versions are better), Google Chrome, Firefox, etc)

2.) a shockwave flash viewer - this is included on all of our CDs should you not have it already installed (if you browse the CD contents, there will a folder called "flash_players")

3.) A pdf viewer - normally almost all PCs have Acrobat Reader already installed but if it doesn't, we include it on all of our CDs so you can install it from the disk, for PC, Mac or Linux platforms.




Because there are hundreds of different PCs running vastly different versions and types of software, there can be a few reasons why the CD may not perform as planned.

We will try and list basic troubleshooting tips here that should help guide you through the most common problems that you will come accross. Below you will find a link to some PDF guides that you may find helpful.

1. You can't find the toolbar when you've opened a design sheet or paper



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